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Understand The Five Stages Of The Rehab In Athletics

Understand The Five Stages Of The Rehab In Athletics

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Rehab is important and essential for the people suffering from chronic illness to improve their daily lifestyle and resume their routine tasks but it is even of more importance to an athlete as his or her vocation is dependent on the physical ability. Rehab can be done before and after a person suffers from any injury or accident limiting the physical mobility. There are stages of the rehabs for every person looking to get better through a traumatic event and these stages are customized for each person by determining what kind of treatment they require but the basis and objective of each stage is similar. These stages of rehab in wollongong are discussed in brief details below:

Reducing the pain:

The basic and most important objective is to reduce the pain so that the patient could be relieved and could move the area which has been injured. The reduction of the pain is done by performing customized therapies, which could include the exercises, manual therapies, rest, ice applications for swelling or in terms any therapy which has been proven to be effective for the particular kind of the pain. In most of the cases, the methods performed by the physiotherapist prove to be even more effective for the pain then the medicines and drugs prescribed.


The second stage is the restoration, when the pain is removed then the objective is that the patient could resume the operation of the joint without experiencing any kind of discomfort or pain. This stage takes time and patience and requires great caution because it cannot be rushed, if it is rushed it could bring back the pain which could even be worse than it was before. In this stage of the rehab it is important the physiotherapist acquires constant feedback from the patient and keeps on asking him about how comfortable he feels when a certain position is achieved.

Recovery of muscle:

When the mobility is restored and the patient is able to move the injured joint without any discomfort then there are still measurements which are needed to be taken because as this point the muscles which were injured are weak and are not fully developed and does not have the complete strength and therefore, these must not be put to the rigorous activities and must be given significant time for the development.

Recovery of coordinated movement:

The second last stage focuses on how the injured muscle is working as the collected muscle and a part of bigger mechanism and how it is supporting the other muscles.

Recovery of sports movement:

This is the final stage of rehab in which the sportsperson is put back to his sports routine slowly to see how the muscle is reacting in this condition and how much effective has the rehab been. Once the sports person is able to move and resume his sports as he used to, this shows that muscles are developed and restored fully.