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Types Of Notice Boards

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Notice boards are in schools, offices and all the spaces that need to keep the people informed all the time.  It is used as an easy and effective measure of communicating with peers. Choosing the right kind of notice board can help you in several ways. Although there are magnetic glass boards, too, the task done by the notice boards is unmatched.

There are several types of notice boards available. The users can choose any of these types according to personal or official usage. Some of the popular choices that you can benefit from include

  1. Pin Boards

Pin boards are the most popular of all the existing types. They are one of the early forms of the noticeboards.  They can be attached or removed easily.  These noticeboards are covered with fabrics in different colors. Thus, it becomes easier to manage things according to the interiors.  The simplest of all types is the cork design. For covering the wider area of the wall, there is an option of combining different noticeboards.  In schools and classrooms, the whiteboards and notice boards go side by side and make an essential accessory for the setups. In the world of magnetic notice boards, pin boards are still making their mark.

  1. Whiteboards

 Next to the pin boards are the whiteboards that are used for multiple activities. They come in different sizes and can be used accordingly. The notices are not pinned to these boards, but instead, they are written with special removable markers. These days’ magnetic whiteboards are also available where you can stick the notices to the surface. They are made with eco-friendly materials and can be moved easily as well.

  1. Flipcharts

These noticeboards look like big paper pads. They come with easels that are fixed against the wall. They are used for presentations and tutorials. The flipcharts are available in the wheeled and magnetic board option. They are a more professional and handy way of conducting the training sessions. Some flipcharts also have whiteboard backing, so it becomes a combo of two choices.


  1. Glass Writing Boards

For a more professional experience, there is the latest option in the form of glass writing boards. The dry wipe pens are used to write on the colored glass writing boards. There is a more high-end appearance expected that makes it worth experiencing in all professional setups. These boards are mostly used for corporate branding. The recent magnetic glass boards are an improved version of this type of noticeboard.

Magnetic noticeboards or simple ones are used outside churches, schools, libraries, and other public buildings. The purpose is to keep the people informed about the essential things related to the place. They are usually wall mounted.